Our Training

Along with our marketing and consultancy services, JGW Group also features a training division.  We provide full service training on Explosive Trace Detection, X-Ray and Radiological Equipment from a variety of manufacturers, as well as Mail Processing, Safety and Security Training courses.

  • Train the Trainer
  • Technical Writing
  • Installation of Equipment
  • Decommissioning of Equipment
  • Training Process Development
  • Course Development  
  • Security Assessments
  • Process and Procedure  Development
  • Senior Management Advise
  • Mail Handling Safety and Security Training Course
  • Mail Facility Safety and Security Executive Training
The JGW Group Anti-Terrorism Training Team specializes in the development and delivery of individual, and group, counter-terrorism training designed to enhance the understanding of commercial client and government agency security, and first line defense teams.   With more than 50 years of military, government, and commercial operations and training experience, our instructional team brings their unique understanding of domestic and international terrorism, and the technology, tactics, and protocols used to counter those threats to the classroom.
Mail Handling Safety and Security Courses:

JGW Group’s Mail Handling Safety and Security Training was developed to meet the training demands of those tasked with safeguarding facilities, personnel, and operations against an ever shifting array of threats, the course provides managers, mailroom personnel, and security team members with a mix of highly informative lectures, demonstrations, and exercises designed to enhance student knowledge, understanding, and skills. Upon completion participants will demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the mail screening process and how specific protocols, modern technology, threat awareness, personal safety, physical security, and planning are used to counter those threats and sustain operations in a volatile threat environment.  The course, which is continuously updated, is the only such course designed to address the overarching threat of mail screening in the public and private sector while still being tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer.

The JGW’s Mail Security Training Team combines technical and operational experience directly related to the safeguarding of government and commercial facilities from mail borne threats. Each team member’s unique perspective, and experienced based understanding of the threat, its history, and relevance in today’s active terrorist environment enhances the classroom experience. JGW’s operational subject matter expert’s understanding of the threat, counter-terrorism protocol development, and security process design, contributed directly to the stabilization of mail screening processes following the anthrax attacks of 2001, and directly influenced the establishment of federal guidelines and industry best practices. Our cadre of technical subject matter experts, experienced in the identification and integration of state-of-the-art equipment into counter terrorism applications, is unique to the industry. Most of all, the team’s combined military, government, and commercial instructional experience in diverse training environments contributes daily to the active transfer of counter-terrorism knowledge to first line defenders nationwide and their readiness to safeguard personnel, operations, and critical infrastructure.  

Mail Security and Threat Awareness Training Launch Video